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The simplest way to send an invoice

Dime lets freelancers create professional looking invoices. That's it. That's the header.

Create your free invoice

Creating an invoice just takes a few minutes.

No credit card required. No account required.


A lightweight, simple way to send an invoice in a jiffy

Dime is not an accounting tool. We don't have any complicated features. We're here for you when you simply just want to get paid and go home.

Invoice clients on the go 🏃

No need to log in to your computer. Dime works just as well on mobile too.


We don't collect your personal data. In fact, your invoices never leave your device.

Multiple currencies supported

Invoice your clients in the currency they want.

Create beautiful invoices

Use one of our templates or create your own. Either way, you'll impress your clients.

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These folks are already sending with Dime

Last we heard, they were even getting paid too.

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Toon Verbeek

Freelance Product Engineer


I built Dime because sending invoices shouldn’t be boring.

It should be exciting. Invoices deserve better!