I'm Toon, the maker of Dime 👋

I'm a freelance product engineer and I built Dime to scratch my own itch.

So many other accounting tools out there have a dated design, have a ton of features I don't need, or are too expensive 🤷‍♂️.

Dime is just an invoicing tool. What it's not is an accounting solution, difficult to use or (hopefully) boring.

I'd like Dime to be a simple, privacy friendly, and free alternative.


Speaking of privacy: Dime doesn't collect any personal data.

The only two things we measure are: how many pageviews we get, and how many people download their invoice. That's it.

Your data also never leaves your device, so we can guarantee that nobody can see any of your data.

I hope you'll find Dime useful, and if you have any feedback, just send me an e-mail. I always respond.

- Toon